The Ship of Friends

A friendship is a ship of friends; other than that it is like any other ship. Good ships can bring a sense of freshness to your life; they are well-built, have appropriate accommodations, they offer you views you could never conceive of on your own, and they will take you many places over many years. All the best ships have a skilled, dedicated crew which delights in entertaining their passengers and maintaining the ship’s integrity. But like all ships, friendships can sink, and no, sea serpents don’t sink friendships. Too much cargo, too many passengers, or a shot from a canon, a plane or a submarine, as well as the tips of icebergs, and even foul weather do destroy ships ― even the mightiest ships. If the crew and passengers aren’t blown or hacked to pieces in the destruction, they will likely drown. You cannot swim back to the shore, because the shore is not there. There is only the water you tread and more ships. Hopefully you have learned to tread water, as that will prolong your life at least for a while, but eventually you will become tired, and water is cold.

If you are thrifty, you can fashion a new boat from cargo abandoned by the wastrels, the wreckage of other fallen ships, and what little driftwood remains floating in the sea. But most people, even the greatest who ever lived, can never be that thrifty. If you are such a rare individual, remember that you are in the ocean, and cannot show your boat to anybody unless you seek others, or if you build your boat big only enough for you, let us hope you alone can appreciate the fruit of your labour. After staying on your ship of one, for a long time, the rush of blood you feel from the pride in your creation slows down and the boat is no longer impressive anymore. Now you are as you were when you were drowning in the sea, you still eat fish. But then again why make a ship that only fits you, if you are that thrifty you can fit many on your ship, if you cannot fit another why even bother with all that work? But people will probably appreciate your self-made ship. Most instinctively avoid the water and many stay away from the edge. It will be the people on the edge who see your self-made ship first, though I doubt that they will be the people you expected and hoped for. So I wish you good luck, and may you sail smoothly and go see the world.


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