About myself and my views.

For new readers of this blog, my name Charles Asimakopoulos. I was born and raised half an hour’s drive away from Seattle, Washington. For better or worse, the postmodern suburban sprawl located a quarter day hike north of Lake Washington’s eastern shore will always be home. Unlike most residents of the emerald city, I hold right leaning views, some of which are often (and appropriately) called extreme.

If you read this blog, you may see posts about History, Politics, the Liberty Movement, the Alt-right, Popular Culture, and other topics which fascinate me. You will also likely see quite a bit of change in this blog over time, as I am just 19 years old. What the end product will look like, I cannot say. If I knew, you would be reading a completely different blog, one which is likely a far better read. However this is the one you get, and hopefully you enjoy what you find, more than the author who wrote it.